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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tips on Surviving a Snow Day

By Kellie Geres, Regarding Nannies Development Team

So I’m coming off the Blizzard of 2010 in the Washington, DC metro area. Anyone who watched the news saw the coverage of the storm. Record snow falls, one week with no school – yes, ONE WEEK!

So what did I do to survive? What did I learn? Growing up in northern Minnesota (70 miles from Canadian border, mind you), you would think I had this covered and was prepared … NOT.
No power? No problem. They’ll get it back on in a couple hours. Five days later … still no power. The plows will be through soon … one week later – still no plows.

So here are a few things I learned from the Blizzard of 2010 …
• Give them an inch … and they’ll give you 55+ inches. Yes, record setting snowfalls for the DC metro area.
• Expect the unexpected. After having no power for three days, I called the Calvary (my boss) to come save me (they have 4WD) and I stayed with them for a week. Loved my pull out sofa and losing my room during the day to Xbox Live.
• Always have a plentiful supply of reading material. Thank you Barnes and Noble for fully stocked shelves and Bargain Books.
• No school does not mean No Homework. Much to the dismay of my teens, their school is internet friendly and posted assignments online for kids to do in between sleeping, eating, Xbox Live, shoveling and sledding.
• Always keep a plentiful supply of baking needs on hand. Numerous loaves of banana bread and chocolate chip cookies were made thanks thanks to our industrious 13 year old Jr. Chef.
• Don’t loan your shovel to anyone! It may not come back in the same condition.
• Think Spring!

On a more serious and practical note, here are some sites you can visit for ideas on what to do with the kids and family and a few of our Regarding Nannies practical tips …

Always keep a phone charger in your car.

If stuck, text or Facebook status your location to friends and family so they can find you, or if they know of anyone out in the storm with a four-wheel drive, help can get to you.

Keep a winter survival kit in your car. Click here for what you should include in your Winter Survival Kit.

Keeping the Kids Busy during a Snow Day

Snow Day Activities

Indoor Snow Day Activities

15 entertaining ideas

How do you survive a snow day?


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