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Monday, February 22, 2010

CPR Training Online and Why YOU Should Get Certified Today!

CPR Training Online and Why YOU Should Get Certified Today!

By Glenda Propst: Regarding Nannies Development Team

I asked Tyler Accardi from if he would share a little bit about this company with our Regarding Nannies Readers.

Quality Training, When you Want It, Where you Want It

Imagine getting certified in CPR and First Aid in your bunny slippers with a cup of coffee in hand. You might be surprised but that is an option that made possible. Started in 2003, was formed by experts in the medical, training, IT and website design fields. This training was designed for experienced medical professionals who were familiar with CPR and sought to refresh their knowledge and receive updates. After the successful launch of, and were launched and the greater company evolved into All trainings allow professionals to renew their certification in about half the time of a classroom setting and usually for about half the cost. The primary goal however, is not about creating convenience.

200,000 to 300,000 Americans die of cardiac arrest each year. That is why ProTraining’s mission begins, and ends with saving lives. ProTrainings accomplishes this by creating online, widely accessible training programs that offer each student their own personal trainer that they can rewind, fast-fast forward and pause, all at a place and time that the student is ready and able to effectively learn. These educational advantages can increase the amount of information remembered by the student and give providers the confidence to act decisively and knowledgably when an emergency occurs.

ProTrainings has the philosophy that you can’t put a price tag on saving lives and as such, offers all training and testing completely free and available on the web, 24/7. As a result, ProTrainings has become popular source of information even for individuals new to CPR and First Aid. In response, ProTrainings has developed a network of skill evaluators and launched which allows any person learning or refreshing their CPR, to receive hands-on training and testing while still reaping the educational benefits of multi-media learning.

In seven short years ProTrainings has certified over 250,000 students and supplies the training solution to several different companies.

Tyler is offering the Regarding Nannies readers a 15% discount off of his online training.

"nanny15" will give you the discount but remember you can still train and test for free.

And if you are reading this article and you still haven't made the decision to get your CPR certification, this real life experience story from professional nanny Christy should be your final motivation to do it today!

A Nanny’s Worst Nightmare
This is an appeal to all of you nannies out there: If you haven’t already, Get CPR/First Aid Certified. I’m so grateful that I did.
I do nanny-share for two infant boys.
One day in February I put the 10 wk. old in the crib with a baby monitor close by. I then went to the kitchen to feed the 6 mo. old. After awhile, I heard on the monitor, which was right next to me, that the little one was waking up. He was fussing a little, so I told the 6 mo. old “Eat up – we need to go get your buddy!”. Then the sound from the monitor changed. Nothing really alarming, just didn’t “sound right”.
I picked up the big boy, took him upstairs and sat him in his crib. I walked into the room where the little one was. He was laying on his back, his back was arched and his eyes were wide open. He was a pale color of blue. I ran and picked him up, flipped him over frantically patted him on the back. I tried to put my finger in his mouth, but his jaws were clinched shut! He was very rigid and wasn’t making a sound. I grabbed him and ran to the parents bedroom. I laid him on his side like I was taught at the infant CPR class, and called 911. I screamed into the phone “Help me! The baby is not breathing!” The woman on the other end very calmly said “Is he laying on his side?” Yes. “Open his mouth and see if there is anything in there”. Although I had tried before, this time I pried his little gums open. Saliva came out and he made a small sound. The 911 operator said “Yes! I heard that! That’s good!” After giving her the address (I can’t believe I remembered it!) she said “The ambulance is on the way.” I didn’t even hang up the phone. The baby was still very rigid and his color was terrible. I ran down the stairs, laid him on his side and waited for the ambulance, patting and rubbing his back, and whispering in his ear that it was going to be okay, even though I didn’t believe it. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and the Sheriff burst in. He picked up the baby and called on his radio – presumably to the ambulance that was en-route. He said “The baby is still in distress” and then he ran outside with the baby to meet the ambulance that was just pulling up.
I have no idea what the Paramedics did – they wouldn’t let me look in the ambulance. But I do know that I was absolutely sure that that little baby was going to die.
They told me to meet them at the hospital. I called the baby’s mom, told her what happened in a calm voice (I didn’t know where it came from, but now I’m convinced that all nannies have one in there to use to reassure the parents even when we ourselves are terrified.). I told her which hospital to meet us at, hung up the phone and for the first time since this started burst into tears. I grabbed the other baby and headed on auto pilot to a hospital I had never been to before. I called my husband on my cell phone as I drove and between sobs I told him what happened. I said I was sure that the baby would be dead when I got to the hospital, and I was already crying for his parents who would surely be grieving by now. My husband wanted me to pull the car over, he was afraid I would get into an accident. When I told him I needed to keep driving, he told me he would meet me at the hospital (which, bless his heart, he did). I ran into the ER, carrying the 6 mo. old. I was crying so hard by then I had trouble asking where they had takn him. Finally, she pointed to the cubicle. I was terrified to walk in there. A doctor walked out, saw me approaching with my blotchy, teary face. He looked confused for a second and then smiled and put his thumb up. I walked past the curtain and was greeted by the other mom, who is a doctor (I had called her too). She hugged me and said “He’s okay!”
I had to hand her baby over to her because I honestly thought I would faint from relief. There on the examining table, with tubes coming out all over, was this tiny pink (yes, pink! My new favorite color!) sweetheart.
Everyone told me I had done everything right. This was a hard pill to swallow since at that moment I felt terribly inadequate. In fact, in my mind I was already going through all of the things that I might have done differently.
The medical people, including my doctor/mom insisted that I had handled the crises very well and that the baby was alive because of it. They put him on a monitor for 24 hours to make sure he didn’t stop breathing again. They said we may never know what caused it. He may have even spit up and aspirated. It has been almost 2 months and I still get chills thinking – what if I had been in another room and not heard the “not quite right” sound?
Ginger asked me to write about my experience to reinforce to all of you nannies, the importance of getting your CPR/First Aid certification and keeping it current. The parents of my babies said “Thank God you had that class” and I said “But I was still terrified and I still felt so helpless”. My doctor/mom convinced me with her next statement: “Think how you would have felt if this happened and you HAD NOT'’ had the training.” I can’t even imagine. I don’t know what would have happened. Would instinct alone have been enough? I didn’t have to perform CPR, but if the 911 operator had told me to, I could have, and I knew it.
With all my heart I hope that none of you ever have to go through something like this, and if you have already, my heart goes out to you.
Now take a peek at that CPR card in your wallet and see if you are coming due for re-certification. If you don’t have one, take the class and get one.
CPR Classes are available through the Red Cross. You can also find classes at the YMCA, and most local hospitals offer CPR classes to the community. There are also certified CPR counselors that will come to your home and help you get your certification.

Thanks Christy for sharing your story, and thank you Tyler for sharing the information about

Remember: The discount code is nanny15


Anonymous February 22, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

Thanks for sharing that story, Christy!

And I'd like to point out that as well as Christy responded to the crisis, she mentions that she considers herself lucky that she remembered the address to tell the emergency response team.

I urge everyone to write down the family name, address, and emergency phone numbers for each family, copy them, and secure one of those lists near each phone in the house. In an emergency, you (or the parents) may not be able to remember any of that information, and there would be no time to look for it.

One last thing...if you're in a CPR or FIrst Aid class, think (as Christy mentioned) how you would feel if you were in these situations you are training for. Make sure you actually learn the techniques, and don't let a tired instructor or impatient classmates focus on just "getting it over with" and checking you off a skill just because you can do it while you're being coached through it. Let people know you want to be sure you can do this rescue technique if you're needed to!

Kristen February 24, 2010 at 5:08 PM  


Reading the story I was so scared for you. You did a wonderful job and thank goodness you remember what you have been taught. I am so happy that everything was fine. I almost started to cry, thinking how paniced you must have been. Thanks for sharing the story.

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