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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spotlight on......Individual Nanny Coaching At The INA Conference

Individual Nanny Coaching At The INA Conference
by Alice Shaffer

Have you ever just wanted 15 minutes with one of the professional nannies you have met online or at a conference? Well this year, INA has slated from 2:45-3:45 pm on Saturday May 21, 2010 your chance to have your 15 minutes with a Nanny Coach. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the various nannies who have various experiences and potentially some helpful advice for you. Don't forget to sign up for one to four of these Nanny Coach slots when you get to the INA Conference. We hope to meet you there!

Kellie Geres

Working with Divorced Families
Kellie Geres is a professional nanny / household manager with 21 years of experience and has spent the past 12 years working exclusively with divorced parents. She is the 1997 INA Nanny of the Year, former INA board member, current Association of D.C. Area Nannies (ADCAN) president and member of INA and NANC. She is one of the development members of Regarding Nannies. She blogs at All Things Nanny.

Becky Kavanagh
Professional Development / Marketing Yourself as a Professional

Becky Kavanagh is the 2006 INA Nanny of the Year and has over 20 years of professional nanny experience. She is past president of INA and in 1998 was awarded the prestigious Parents Magazine Child Care Award. Ms. Kavanagh is active in the nanny community and also serves on staff as a placement coordinator with Nannies from the Heartland, a Minnesota-based nanny placement agency. You can find her blog posts at Nannies from the Heartland.

Susan Lehman
Discipline Issues

Susan Lehman is a certified positive discipline associate and certified professional nanny. She has over 20 years of professional nanny experience and has dedicated her life to developing happy, secure and independent children. Ms. Lehman uses the tools and skills she learned at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, to coach parents on every aspect of their child’s development and care. Her teaching style brings warmth, humor, comfort and enthusiasm to all her lectures and experiential workshops for parents, teachers, child care providers, and any groups who work with children or families.

MaryAnn X. Meddish
Multiples and Specialty Diets
MaryAnn X. Meddish is the 2009 INA Nanny of the Year and has over 20 years of professional nanny experience. She specializes in working with multiples and children who require special dietary considerations. You can find some of her articles on the INA Blog.

Glenda Propst
Leaving a Family

Glenda Propst has 25 years of professional nanny experience. She was the 1991 INA Nanny of the Year and has been with her current family for 16 years. Mrs. Propst specializes in helping nannies through the transition of leaving a family. She is is one of the development members of Regarding Nannies. She also blogs at Gentle Transitions

Angela Riggs
Traveling with Families

Angela Riggs has been working with child care providers, students, parents and families for over 20 years. She has researched and participated in extensive traveling experiences with children and has planned enriching learning opportunities for them by utilizing local community resources as well as creative resources when traveling abroad.

Alice Shaffer
Getting Started in a New Community

Alice Shaffer has been a professional nanny for the past 15 years and is one of the development members of Regarding Nannies. She is also known by her peers and through her blog as “The Financial Nanny”.


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