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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching up with Christy .....

Read Christy's acceptance speech.

Christy Ochs is not your typical nanny. She is the mother of four who took an unusual path to becoming a nanny, a professional caregiver who is a genuine advocate for children, and she represents a positive role model for the in-home child care industry and the International Nanny Association (INA). On May 18, INA awarded Christy its highest honor, The 2007 Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) Award during its 22nd Annual Conference held in Alexandria, Virginia.

When Christy turned 42, she decided her child rearing days were not easily left behind—even though she had already reared four children, one with downs syndrome, and two step children. “I chose to be a nanny because the idea of doing for the parents what I would have loved to have had done for me as a young parent was very appealing. I loved the idea of not only providing a secure and loving environment for their children, but also taking some of the daily pressure off of their shoulders by doing their laundry, straightening up the house and helping the children with their school assignment.”

Christy is now working with her third family and cares for three-year-old Hawk who attended the conference with his mother. During the award ceremony, he presented flowers to Christy. “My boss, Jill, nominated me for the NOTY™. I was so honored and touched to have been nominated, especially by my employer. Lot’s of people go through their entire working lives without feeling appreciated. I can't tell you how much this nomination meant to me. Every time my little charges say "I love you Nana!" I feel like Nanny of the Year.”

What does it take to be INA’s Nanny of the Year™? Officially, it takes at least five years of professional nanny experience; an education in the field of child care; a nomination from a nanny recruiting agency or employer; and several references. Unofficially, it takes a lot of love and patience.

Christy is the founder/moderator of the Denver Area Nanny Association. She has been a member of INA since 2001, and is also a member of NANC (National Association of Nanny Credentialing) and Nanny Support Group Leaders. She was inspired to start the Denver Area Nanny Association in 2003 after attending her first INA conference. Now with 28 local members, the group arranges play dates, nanny dinners and coffee gatherings, and organizes and participates in CPR/First Aid training for nannies.

2009 Update: Since receiving the NOTY™ award, Christy has enjoyed working with the same family that nominated her. She has now been with that family for 6 years and her charges are now ages 6, 4 and 2. In January of 2008, the family moved into a new house and Christy was able to reduce her hours to 30 per week so that she could help out with her new grandbaby.

Christy continues to play an active role in her local nanny support group, Denver Area Nanny Association. Last spring she asked one of the other nannies in the group to take over leadership. "The new moderator is doing a super job and we have such a wonderful group of Nannies here in Colorado!" said Christy.
Are YOU the 2010 INA Nanny of the Year? Deadline for applications is March 10. Don't forget that NOTY Mentors are available to any nominee or those considering nomination.


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