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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Table Talk Thursday: Nanny Portfolio A to Z

Nanny Portfolios A to Z
by Myrna Alphonse
NAN Conference Phoenix Arizona
Copyright September 2004

In this tight economic period, I recently had the experience of putting to work my time tested portfolio skills. The content still proved positive results! This is your chance to put together a portfolio of your own or revamp a portfolio you already are using.

Why Have a Portfolio?

Nanny Portfolio: A factual summary of accomplishments compiled in report format of your entire nanny career

• Condensed documentation of your record in an unlicensed field

• Creates a foundation of your personal story

• Solidifies a good first impression of your level of professionalism

• Differentiates your career accomplishments from simple log form resumes or agency applications

• Measurable tool to self-evaluate your career objectives

A-Accumulate artifacts
• Photos
• Journal entries
• Sample activities

B-Build relationships
• Potential references
• Vendors
• School personnel
• Relatives of the employers
• Household staff

C-Condense information into subcategories
• Skills achieved from each position
• Daily routines with children
• Household responsibilities
• Special projects overseen

D- Design your layout
Select a logo and desirable font
• Try to use 10-12 point size
• Simple, Eye-catching
• Dark colored ink
• If in doubt lean towards business conservative

E- Educate yourself
Working with children requires ongoing learning
• Know all areas of the nanny business
• Subscribe to periodicals
• Read current methodologies
• Review developmental stages

F- Format a style
Less speaks volumes
• Heavy stock paper preferred
• Use crisp linen colors
• Be creative
• Consider your portfolio a creative extension of your resume!

G- Grow within each position
Seize opportunities to gain experience
• Take initiative
• Share your talents with charges
• Be open to learn from the family’s lifestyle

H- Highlight your strengths
Showcase the best of you
• Document poignant memories with photos
• Action oriented

I- Investigate opportunities of interest
Proactively seize possibilities
• Your weekly hangouts with charges
• Volunteer with an age range you enjoy
• Flyers, brochures, local papers

J- Juggle multiple tasks
Describe practical life skills
• Nannies are naturally gifted multi-taskers
• Morning routines
• Evening routines
• Communication routines

K- Know your audience
Gain insight about your potential future employer’s taste
• Most employers are in a higher economic bracket
• Knowledge of business theory
• Read lifestyle publications

L- Lock in message
Leave your reader with only you in mind
• Lingering effect
• Gain an edge over competitors
• Repeat your agenda at least once

M- Meaningful message
Your logo exudes clues about who you are and what you have to offer
• Overt
• Subtle

N- Note physical details
Proofread, proofread, proofread
• Utilize several sources
• Perfect product goal

O- Observe
Chart developmental progress along a continuum
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Annual report

P- Philosophy statement
Summarizes your preferred style of childcare
• Recap personal positive attributes
• Identify your discipline style
• Consider top goals for children

Q- Quality quotient
Basic questions should be easily identified
• Easy to read
• Symmetric format from family to family
• Answers in gaps of employment

R- Research
Have samples of reports to support your philosophy
• Family Fun, Parents, etc.
• Medical Journals
• Newspapers, credible TV programs, internet

S- Specify
Utilize action words to describe abilities
• Adjectives of motion
• Active adverbs

T- Timing
Effectively use time to captivate audience quickly
• Average portfolio 5-10 pages
• Average reader only reads first few sentences of each paragraph

U- Unique
Your personal spin is best
• Thematic
• Interesting
• Image Conscious

V- Verify
Keep up to date records of previous employment
• Send annual holiday greetings
• Create an email address book
• Prior to new post alert past employers of potential callers

W- Whole child
• Social/emotional
• Physical
• Intellectual

X- eXtreme eXamples
Positive recognition of going beyond stated duties
• Atypical positions
• Unusual situations

Y- Youthful
Your portfolio should look child friendly NOT childish
• Avoid cartoon caricatures
• Save childlike ornaments for photo pages

Z- Zest
Career passion emanates on each page
• References
• Resume
• Philosophy Statement
• Summary of Work History
• Certificates
• Published articles & honorary awards

Nanny Professionalism is the gateway to success in your career. A portfolio is where that image begins!

Myrna Alphonse is a career nanny/parent consultant of 19 years transitioning to the counseling field. She specializes in families in crisis by bringing calm to chaos. Myrna resides in Washington, DC.


Anonymous October 29, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

I forwarded this on to my Nannies so they can get started on updating and improving their portfolios.

Great idea!

Patti at NannyMall dot com

CincyNanny October 29, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

Love this! I have a few Nannies working on this right now! Thanks!!


Anonymous October 29, 2009 at 7:59 PM  

Great article and well written!

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